You snooze, you might lose!

Some ex partners particularly if it is a nasty break up will seek financial revenge. Don’t be a victim! Ensure that your assets are protected and seek legal advice pronto! We have an experienced team of lawyers based in Newcastle. 

Upon separation think about the following to ensure any assets (whether held solely or jointly) cannot simply disappear.

  • What name is the property in? Can your ex sell or transfer it without your consent/knowledge?
  • Are funds sitting in joint accounts protected? Or can your ex withdraw these funds without your consent/knowledge?
  • Is your ex able to redraw money sitting in advance on the home mortgage without your consent/knowledge?
  • Do you have a line of credit capable of being accessed by your ex without your consent/knowledge?
  • Did you give you ex an additional credit card that you are legally responsible for because you are the primary card holder?
  • Does your ex know your passwords for internet banking etc?
  • Can your ex access and withdraw their superannuation entitlements?
  • Are there other assets and investments that your ex could dispose of without your consent/knowledge?

Sometimes it is not possible for you as an individual to put a stop on your ex from accessing assets/money and superannuation and a Court Order is urgently required to prevent this. Do NOT delay putting in place safety measures to ensure that your financial interests are protected until such time as a property settlement is finalised. You must act fast before the money is really gone and don’t just assume it won’t happen to you. Call NOW to speak with a professional lawyer in Newcastle. 

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