About Us

Bale Boshev Lawyers

Bale Boshev Lawyers is one of the largest and most successful plaintiff law firms in New South Wales. The firm was established in 1980 and has offices at: Hamilton, Greenhills and Belmont. Much of our work is done on a no win/no fee basis. In cases done on a no win /no fee basis we have to win for you, to get paid. We do win – in fact in more than 99% of cases we take on. If we take on a case for you we will make you the following guarantees:

• We will listen to your story.

• We will give you straight opinions as to your chances of success.

• You will be seen by us at your appointment time (not 20 minutes later). Your time is just as important as our own.

• We will keep you up to date throughout your case.

• If you are not happy with the lawyer handling your case, for any reason, we will appoint another.

• If you are not happy about any aspect of your case a senior partner will sort it out for you.

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