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Bale Boshev Do I Need a Will
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Could You Or Someone You Love Be The Victim Of Elder Abuse?

There’s been no shortage of reports on physical and mental abuse cases on the rise in Australia since the start of COVID-19. Recently, along with these alarming factors comes more concerning news with reports elder financial abuse is on the rise.

As economic conditions worsen during the recession, older people are at greater risk of being financially abused and often by their own family members. As their older children are running into economically troubled times, more people are turning to their parent’s bank accounts to pay off debts.

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family law newcastle
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Domestic Violence on The Rise Due to Covid-19 and Your Rights

The world may be in a health crisis due to Covid-19, but one of the most concerning developments starting to be documented through the media is the rise of Domestic Violence reports.


The UN has described the worldwide increase in domestic violence abuse as being as high as 20 per cent in lockdown due to many victims being trapped at home with their abuser.


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Mental Health and The Law: How It Affects You

With the stigma of mental illness now nowhere as strong or damaging as it used to be, more of us are now willing to express ourselves when something is wrong and seek the right diagnoses and treatments that we need in order to better manage ourselves and achieve greater happiness. Being diagnosed with a mental illness can be a relief for many, but what sort of impact can it have in a legal sense and when you deal with lawyers in Newcastle


Here at Bale Boshev Lawyers, we are committed to making sure that every individual knows what their legal rights are, no matter what kinds of conditions they live with. With that in mind, here is some vital information about what different kinds of mental health problems can mean for you in a legal sense.

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Bale Boshev Workers Compensation Work Injury
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How Lawyers Can Help with Workers Compensation

Often, the category of workers compensation can be a baffling one for most workers. Understanding the legal rules and legislation regarding what could be claimed and what cannot is why hiring a lawyer is can make all the difference with having an expert on your side.

Being injured at work, during travel to and from work, working from home or even on your lunchbreak entitles you to be compensated.

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Solicitor Off And Racing In Challenge
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Solicitor off and racing in challenge

From Newcastle Herald Article, Dated 11/01/19

By Nick Bielby


Paul O’Sullivan, of Bale Boshev Lawyers in Hamilton, said the Racing Appeals Tribunal ruled last month that Stewards had not been empowered to determine whether there had been a breach of AR175 – a rule that prescribes 30 offences under the Rules of Racing.

It came after licensee – and one of Mr O’Sullivan’s clients – Carl Poidevin challenged the Stewards’ authority to hand out punishments under AR175.


The tribunal found Stewards were “not empowered to hear and determine the breach of AR175 brought against” Mr Poidevin.

Mr O’Sullivan specialises in racing law and has clients across Australia – he has also conducted matters in New Zealand.


“The tribunal found that the power had not been properly delegated to Stewards in accordance with the rules,” he said.

“Historically, Stewards have charged and penalised licensed persons under the rule. For example, leading Newcastle trainer Darren Smith was disqualified for 15 years for breaches including AR175. In recent times, another leading trainer Ben Smith has been charged under the same rule.”


Mr O’Sullivan is pursuing the matter and has tried to make contact with Chief Steward Marc Van Gestel multiple times to find out his position on the issue.


“Some persons have already served terms of disqualification or suspension,” Mr O’Sullivan said. “Those persons may wish to consider redress.”


Bale-Boshev Demerit Point
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Drivers Licences and Understanding the Demerits Points Scheme

Many readers to this website would have a drivers licence and not think too much more about it. The only time we tend to think about our drivers licence is when we may lose it. As one Local Magistrate says, “a drivers licence is a privilege and not a right”.

Part of having a drivers licence in NSW is understanding the Demerit Points Scheme. This scheme allocates penalty points (demerits) for a range of driving offences. The objective of demerit points is to provide a strong incentive to licence holders to drive within the law. Continue reading

Bale Boshev Purchasing Business
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Purchasing a Business

Are you thinking of purchasing an existing business?

There are very important things that you need to know before you start on your new enterprise.

You don’t want to purchase a business only for the former owner to start anew across the street! Continue reading

Bale Boshev Entering-Retail-Commercial-Lease
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Entering a Retail or Commercial Lease

If you are starting a new business, or simply wish to move premises, you might be wondering how you can get the best deal on your new business space.

Being mindful of rental prices, size, area, convenience to your customers or clients, and exposure, there are a myriad of considerations prior to entering into negotiations. Continue reading

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