Ray Blissett

Ray Blissett


Ray, is a distinguished senior solicitor who brings a unique blend of expertise and
talent to Bale Boshev. Raised in Tamworth, NSW, Ray has established a strong
presence in the legal community and is known for his exceptional skills and
compassionate approach.

Ray’s journey of knowledge acquisition is remarkable. With numerous university
degrees in Music, Psychology, Law, and Teaching, Ray possesses a diverse
educational background that enriches his understanding of the world and allows him
to connect with clients on a deeper level.

Before immersing himself in the legal realm, Ray explored his passion for the arts.
As a professional musician, sound engineer, and lighting designer, Ray honed his
creativity and attention to detail. These experiences have contributed to his
exceptional communication skills and his ability to create engaging and compelling
arguments in the courtroom.

With over 25 years of experience as a legal practitioner with Bale Boshev, Ray has dedicated a significant portion of his career to  personal injury litigation. His expertise lies in handling cases related to worker’s compensation, common law damages, and
motor accidents. Ray’s wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of these areas
of law make him a highly sought-after solicitor in his field. He has a success rate
second to none.

One of Ray’s most outstanding attributes is his ability to communicate complex legal
issues in a simple and understandable manner. He takes pride in breaking down
intricate concepts, ensuring that his clients fully comprehend the nuances of their legal matters. Ray’s approachable nature and clear explanations build trust and
confidence, enabling clients to make informed decisions throughout the legal

Ray’s exceptional legal skills are matched by his great sense of compassion and
humour. He understands that the clients he represents may be going through
challenging times and approaches their cases with empathy and understanding.
Ray’s genuine care for his clients fosters a supportive environment, allowing them to
feel heard, valued, and supported during their legal journey.

When you choose Ray as your solicitor, you can rest assured that you have the right
person by your side. His extensive legal experience, combined with his exceptional
communication skills, compassion, and humour, make him an invaluable ally.

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