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Motor accident injuries can not only cause significant physical and emotional trauma but can severely damage your finances as well. You may be able to receive compensation that can help to cover your financial losses. The team from Bale Boshev Lawyers in Newcastle can provide you with professional legal support and guidance to help you achieve the best possible resolution.

Established in 1980, Bale Boshev Lawyers in Newcastle has helped clients from across the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley region. Our teams in Hamilton, Belmont and East Maitland are committed to helping our clients in whatever way possible for all motor accident claims.


Did you know that the NSW motor accidents compensation scheme covers anyone that is injured from an accident? This includes the drivers, riders, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and pillion passengers, regardless of whether or not they were at fault. The only people who cannot make a claim are those who have been charged with a serious driving offence related to the accident or who was the at-fault driver knowingly driving an uninsured vehicle.

If you were recently involved in a motor accident, make sure you get the details of the other vehicle/s and report the incident to the police as soon as possible. You should then organize a meeting with a motor accident lawyer to determine whether you are able to make a claim.


You must lodge your claim within three months of the accident or within 28 days if you wish to be compensated for lost earnings. At Bale Boshev Lawyers, we offer a free initial case assessment and consultation, where we will review the events and provide you with honest legal advice. 

If the evidence suggests a strong case, we can then help you make a claim against the compulsory third party (CTP) insurer of the other vehicle. Your lawyer will also assist you in requesting approval for some early treatment which can include one GP visit and two treatment visits.


Your Newcastle lawyer will assist you in gathering the relevant evidence needed to prove that you were not at fault. You can then claim up to 6 months’ worth of benefits which should cover your medical expenses, lost earnings and any other required care as part of your recovery.

You will need to supply medical reports to justify the extent of your compensation. For significant injuries, you may be able to claim benefits beyond six months after the date of the accident. You are unable to claim compensation for the cost of damages to your vehicle or property.

Enlist the help of professional motor accident lawyers to help increase your chances of reaching a successful claim. At Bale Boshev Lawyers, we take pride in our work and always strive to provide compassionate legal help for all our clients. Before you make any claims for motor accident injuries, make sure you take advantage of our free consultation.

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You should get the details of the other vehicle and report the incident to police. This will verify your accident and will be used as evidence when you file for a motor accident claim. You have 28 days to report the accident to the police, although you should report as soon as possible.

You must lodge your claim within 3 months after the date of the accident, or within 28 days if you wish to claim compensation for loss of earnings due to the injuries you’ve sustained.

In NSW, anyone who is injured in a motor vehicle accident can apply for motor accident compensation. This includes drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, riders and pillion passengers. You cannot make a claim if you have been charged with a serious driving offence connected to the accident or if you were the at fault driver of an uninsured vehicle.

In NSW, it is a legislative requirement that drivers report the accident to police if the car requires towing, the crash involved deaths or injuries and if involved parties failed to exchange information.

For motor accidents, you can claim up to 6 months of benefits to cover for your medical expenses, lost earnings and any care you require as part of your recovery process. If you were not at fault and have significant injuries, it’s possible to claim benefits beyond 6 months.

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