Mental Health and The Law: How It Affects You

With the stigma of mental illness now nowhere as strong or damaging as it used to be, more of us are now willing to express ourselves when something is wrong and seek the right diagnoses and treatments that we need in order to better manage ourselves and achieve greater happiness. Being diagnosed with a mental illness can be a relief for many, but what sort of impact can it have in a legal sense and when you deal with lawyers in Newcastle 

Here at Bale Boshev Lawyers, we are committed to making sure that every individual knows what their legal rights are, no matter what kinds of conditions they live with. With that in mind, here is some vital information about what different kinds of mental health problems can mean for you in a legal sense.


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Entering a Retail or Commercial Lease

If you are starting a new business, or simply wish to move premises, you might be wondering how you can get the best deal on your new business space.

Being mindful of rental prices, size, area, convenience to your customers or clients, and exposure, there are a myriad of considerations prior to entering into negotiations.


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Information for Owners of Completed Westminster Homes

The impact and uncertainty of Westminster Homes going into liquidation is felt by more than those who currently have a home under construction. What can be done by those home-owners who have a completed Westminster Home but have building defects such as leaking roofs or cracks in walls?


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Stamp duty FAQ’s – are you a first time home buyer?

In the rush to get an exemption from stamp duty payments the first time home buyers market is booming. Homes with a value of under $600,000 are selling like crazy and we expect this to continue well into the future.  So in the rush of first time home buyers we have put together a guide on what your entitlements are, and avoid paying thousands in excess stamp duty fees!


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