What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours!

Protect yourself financially when entering a new relationship. We all hope for the best but we should also try and avoid the worst. and there is perhaps nothing worse than being taken for a ride and losing your hard earned savings, assets and superannuation.

Pre-nuptial type agreements (known in Australia as Binding Financial Agreements) are not only for the rich and famous and can be made before AND during the relationship. Anyone wishing to protect themselves financially in a relationship should have a Binding Financial Agreement in place.

If you’re worried about bringing up the topic with your new partner, don’t be! Binding Financial Agreements are very common these days and, are designed to protect the interests of both parties to the relationship. Such agreements are negotiated in an open, honest and respectful way between parties to the relationship and their solicitors and, most importantly reflect the wishes of both parties to the relationship.

For the agreement to be binding it must strictly comply with the Family Law Act 1975 , so don’t try and write one yourself or see just any solicitor. call NOW for an appointment with one of our Family Law experts.

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