Phil Brogan

Family, Wills & Estate Lawyer

Phil has over 20 years of court advocacy experience. Phil is the head of our family law and wills and estates department with the title of Special Counsel. Phil provides mentoring and support to our “team” ensuring that clients get the very best in legal advice and representation at all levels no matter how difficult their situation.

Phil makes regular appearances at both the Federal and NSW Supreme Court level including for procedural and interim hearings, mediations and trials. Phil was one of the first senior lawyers in Newcastle to conduct a private trial (referred to as an Arbitration) for a family law property dispute.

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Phil Has Also Conducted Public Legal Education Seminars

In terms of his hobbies and interests, Phil enjoys metalworking, woodworking and electronics and is not lost behind a welder, working on his motorbike, carrying out renovations and cabinetry or operating a soldering iron. Phil refers to this as working with his hands as well as his head and in all activities is a stickler for detail and accuracy.

Phil was born and bred in Newcastle and is extremely friendly, practical and approachable which makes him very well-liked and respected amongst his clients and colleagues alike. If you need to see a family law or will or estate solicitor, call us to arrange an appointment with Phil.

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