Phil Brogan

Family, Wills & Estate Lawyer

Phil Brogan specialises in the areas of family law and wills and estates. Phil has extensive knowledge and experience in these areas.

Phil commenced practising law in small firms conducting a variety of legal matters including criminal trials, debt recovery, personal injury law, etc. For over the last decade, Phil has practised exclusively in the areas of family law and wills and estates and he makes regular appearances in the Family and Federal Circuit Courts and Supreme Court of NSW.

Phil Brogan — Lawyers in Hamilton, NSW

Phil Has Also Conducted Public Legal Education Seminars

Phil has a broad range of interests. He has a musical background. Phil was raised in a musical family and has performed professionally in bands. Phil is passionate about motorcycles and loves riding and working on his motorcycles as well as building projects and basically all things mechanical and creative.

Phil is down to earth, friendly and very approachable. Phil is very meticulous when it comes to detail and he is also well liked by clients because of his highly professional yet caring and endearing nature. If you need to see a family law or will or estate solicitor, call us to arrange an appointment with Phil.

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