Leasing Your Retail or Commercial Property

If you own a retail or commercial property you will no doubt be conscious of the effects that leases have on the value of your property.

All leases on your property have long lasting effects on resale value, prospective development and future tenants.

Some major points of consideration are:

  • The initial rental. Being mindful of the demand and comparable premises in the area, how much is your property worth?
  • The method of increase of rental. Is the Consumer Price Index favourable or should you opt for the stability of a fixed percentage increase?
  • The term of the lease. For how long should the property be tied down? Is there any disadvantage in longer term leases?
  • The number and term of options for renewal. Should you have one larger term option or a number of smaller term options?

So how do you make the most out of your leases and maximise the potential of your property?

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