Christmas School Holidays Parenting


School holidays are a wonderful time for children to spend quality time with their parents and other family members.

Unfortunately, some parents experience difficulties in reaching an agreement with the other parent about what time/s the child/ren will spend with each parent (and other family members) during the school holidays.

Although there is no strict rule about school holiday time, most parents agree that (from school age) they will each spend one half of the school holiday period with their child/ren. However, there may be circumstances where this arrangement is not appropriate.

If your children are very young, they may not cope being away from a parent for several weeks at a time, therefore, rather than changing over on the “half way” point of the holiday period, parents may alternate care at shorter intervals.

If you are experiencing difficulties in reaching an agreement about school holiday time then you need to contact one of our experienced Family Lawyers at Bale Boshev Lawyers without delay.

The Christmas school holidays are always fast approaching!

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