Month: June 2016

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Drivers Licences and Understanding the Demerits Points Scheme

Many readers to this website would have a drivers licence and not think too much more about it. The only time we tend to think about our drivers licence is when we may lose it. As one Local Magistrate says, “a drivers licence is a privilege and not a right”.

Part of having a drivers licence in NSW is understanding the Demerit Points Scheme. This scheme allocates penalty points (demerits) for a range of driving offences. The objective of demerit points is to provide a strong incentive to licence holders to drive within the law. Continue reading

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Selling Your Business

Are you looking for a new start?

Or simply think that it is time to move on from your current business?

If you are thinking of selling your business there are important considerations that you must know in order to maximise your return. Continue reading

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Purchasing a Business

Are you thinking of purchasing an existing business?

There are very important things that you need to know before you start on your new enterprise.

You don’t want to purchase a business only for the former owner to start anew across the street! Continue reading

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Entering a Retail or Commercial Lease

If you are starting a new business, or simply wish to move premises, you might be wondering how you can get the best deal on your new business space.

Being mindful of rental prices, size, area, convenience to your customers or clients, and exposure, there are a myriad of considerations prior to entering into negotiations. Continue reading

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Stamp duty FAQ’s – are you a first time home buyer?

In the rush to get an exemption from stamp duty payments the first time home buyers market is booming. Homes with a value of under $600,000 are selling like crazy and we expect this to continue well into the future.  So in the rush of first time home buyers we have put together a guide on what your entitlements are, and avoid paying thousands in excess stamp duty fees! Continue reading

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Do I need a Will? Yes, Yes, Yes

It is case of really anyone with an estate, a partner, child or even just the desire to see their property go a certain way (including to a charity) should have a Will. Note also that your circumstances today may not be the same as tomorrow. You may suddenly and unexpectedly come into money. It would be far better if you had a Will in place. By having a Will you will ensure that your property is dealt with how YOU see fit. The cost of this security is not all that great. Call us for a no obligation free quote. Continue reading

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Disputing a will? There are time limits…

If you’ve been left out of a will or have been treated unfairly, there are time limits in NSW for making a claim so don’t delay in getting proper legal advice. In NSW, family provision claims must be filed with the Court not later than 12 months from the date of death. Permission of the Court is required if your claim is filed outside the time limit. The Court must then decide whether or not permission should be given. In most cases this can be avoided. Contact us and we’ll assess your claim free of charge and put you on the right track. Continue reading

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What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours!

Protect yourself financially when entering a new relationship. We all hope for the best but we should also try and avoid the worst. and there is perhaps nothing worse than being taken for a ride and losing your hard earned savings, assets and superannuation.

Pre-nuptial type agreements (known in Australia as Binding Financial Agreements) are not only for the rich and famous and can be made before AND during the relationship. Anyone wishing to protect themselves financially in a relationship should have a Binding Financial Agreement in place.

Continue reading